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Branding, Marketing, Corporate Communications Consult Culture

Consultancy collective of seasoned business, marketing, design, communication and leadership professionals. We are designing & enhancing brand equities, building sustainable marketing strategies, empowering the creation of innovative cultures & corporate governance practices.

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Brand-Building Architects

Give your brand a new energy by questioning its Future Environment, defining Vision, Mission, Value System and Brand DNA. Redefine, rebrand or find brand extensions!

Traditional & Digital Marketing Strategists

Select your company’s optimum strategy to address the market and grow: GO-TO-MARKET, DEMAND GENERATION, DEMAND NURTURING, RETENTION STRATEGY or just go fully digital via focused Content Marketing Strategy.

Public Relations & Corporate Communications Experts

From market intelligence, stakeholder mapping & outreach to corporate communication management and thought leadership.

Grow Your Business Operations By Using Our Expertise & Tailor-Made Consultancy Solutions

Brand Equity Iceberg, with 5 capitals

Brand Building

Highly facilitated workshops in issue based-engagements:

*Mission, Vision and Values, Brand Values Alignment

*Brand DNA & Identity

*Brand Architecture

*Brand Strategy for Start-Up and Emerging Brands

*New Product, Brand Ideation

*Brand-Building Creative Concepts.

Digital Footprint Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Create your Content Marketing Strategy via Plan, Create, Design, Publish, Measure methodology:

*Future Brand & Content Strategy

*Mapping Buyers Portraits & Journeys

*Developing Your Brand Voice

*Types of Content Assets & Content Mix

*Hiring Team / Positions

*Content Curation & Design

*Content Metrics.

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Choose Your Optimum Partnership

Molekoola acts as an extension wing of your company, branding, marketing & communication consultant via:

*Business planning & management system

*One-on-one coaching


*One-off projects

*Consultancy programmes

*Strategy implementation planning

*Challenge, issue-solving projects.

Key Services

Building Brand Equity

Creating business, cultural and personal fibre &  culture in which employees live up to brand vision, collective purpose & values to innovate, solve problems, make decisions internally & deliver branded customer experience externally.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Sizing & segmenting the market, evaluating competition, selecting and defining value proposition, defining distribution model, defining customer & non-customer profiles, set goals and objectives (KPI’s), define marketing channels, strategy & activity plans, implementation, measure and improve.

Content Marketing

Create your brand-building, customer-centric, high-quality content and publish timely to attract, inform and engage an audience. Plan, Create, Design, Publish, Measure (KPI’s) to target precisely in your own brand voice and Improve.

Corporate Communication

Data-and-insight-driven management of integrated campaigns that build and earn the lasting trust and corporate governance.

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