Our Services

Welcome to Molekoola, Consult Culture

Molekoola is a consultancy collective of seasoned business, brand, marketing, design, communication, people development and leadership professionals. We help growth-oriented companies design, manage and build sustainable brands through transformative thinking.

We believe in future brands balancing natural, social, human, manufactured and financial capitals streamlining not only a sustainably durable, but abundant future. We create enduring, authentic value of brands today to drive the sustainable future of tomorrow.

Branding 80%
Digital Marketing 60%
Content Marketing 70%
Social Media Marketing 50%
Public Relations 50%
Corporate Communication 50%

How Do We Do It?

Molekoola Architecting® methodology designs & enhances brand equities, builds sustainable marketing strategies, facilitates the creation of innovative cultures & corporate governance practices in 4 strategic steps.



Audit & dissect enterprises

  • In-house, ad-hoc, tailored research
  • Business plans, balance sheets
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Executive analysis


Decipher challenges & opportunities

  • Status consolidation
  • Problem, challenge recognition
  • Mind-mapping
  • Vision, mission, objectives & goals setting


Set innovative strategies, implementation & outreach plans

  • Team & role allocation
  • Brainstorm
  • Strategy, KPI definition, activity plan
  • Presentation, confirmation


 Cultivate & nurture enterprises to grow & proliferate sustainably

  • Role re-confirmation
  • Timeline execution
  • KPI, objectives tracking
  • Measure & improve 

What Services Do We Offer

Building Brand Cultures

Creating business, cultural and personal fibre in which employees live up to brand vision, collective purpose & values to innovate, solve problems, make decisions internally & deliver branded customer experience externally.



We create brand-building business practices, methodologies and cultures via:

*Brand Audits & Brand Research

*Brand Strategy

*Brand DNA & Identity

*Brand Naming

*Brand (Re)positioning, Rebranding

*Brand Architecture

*Brand Management

*Brand Storytelling

*Brand Equity Measurement, Brand Extension,

*Brand Education, Internal Brand Building, and International Speaking Engagements on Branding.

We offer highly facilitated strategic workshops and expertise on issue based-engagements in:

*Mission, Vision and Values, Brand Values Alignment

*Brand Identity

*Brand Architecture

*Brand Strategy for Startup and Emerging Brands

*New Product / Brand Ideation

Building Marketing, Customer-Centric Cultures

Sizing & segmenting the market, evaluating competition, selecting and defining value proposition, defining distribution model, defining customer & non-customer profiles, set goals and objectives (KPI’s), define marketing channels, strategy & activity plans, implementation, measure and improve.


*Digital Marketing Strategy

*Content Marketing

Brand-building, customer-centric, high-quality content creation and publishing to attract, inform, and engage an audience.

*Social Media Marketing

Reaching, engaging, building communities and value through social media platforms.

Building Responsible Corporate Communication Cultures

Data-and-insight-driven management of integrated campaigns that build and earn the lasting trust and corporate governance. We are creating cultures of humanity. With pride and a galore of humility.

We create structured corporate communication and public affairs programs, practices, methodologies to achieve measurable results:

*Market Intelligence & Analysis

*Stakeholder Mapping, Audit and Outreach

*Key Stakeholder Relations Management

*Corporate Communications and Public Affairs

*Corporate Governance & Corporate Citizenship

*Corporate Reputation & Crisis Management

*Thought Leadership Proactive & Reactive Media Relations

*Culture Coding & Internal Communications

*Organization Mapping & Brand Value Alignment